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Welcome to Kabul:Reconstructions. You can follow the information below, which has been gathered from a number of sources by a number of participants (click on the names at left for bios), to reconstruct your own picture of events in Kabul since this site was launched on March 8th, 2003 and, in a sense, since the reconstruction of Afghanistan began somewhere in the winter of 2001-02.

Some of this information has been provided in response to specific questions submitted by visitors like you. Please note that this section of the project is now maintained as an archive and has not been updated since 2005. Click here to ASK A QUESTION.

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Protests following sackings in defense ministry apparently lead to one death (Reuters)
My note: Reuters doesn't spell this out, but these protesters were probably the same people recently fired from the defense ministry in the Karzai administration's effort to clean up the image of this ministry, which has been perceived as a stronghold of warlords and a site of widespread corruption.

One dead as Afghan soldiers fire on protesters KABUL, Afghanistan, 11/23/2003 (Reuters) :: At least one Afghan protester was killed and six wounded when soldiers fired on a group of demonstrators who broke into the defence ministry in the capital, witnesses say. "I saw him. He had been shot in the eye. There was his dead body," one of the protesters said on Sunday of the man who was killed. Protesters blamed ministry soldiers for firing into the crowd, so killing one man and wounding six. But ministry officials at the scene said the demonstrators had broken into the main building, smashed windows and fired shots. The protesters, belonging to former mujahideen groups who helped the U.S. forces to oust the Taliban in late 2001, were recently sacked from the defence ministry, and were demanding three months of unpaid salary. "They stormed the main building of the defence ministry, some of them were armed and they even fired, and the soldiers inside the building fired into the air to disperse them," said defence ministry spokesman Zahir Azimi. Azimi said he was not aware of any death, though four demonstrators had been wounded during the shooting, which went on for about two minutes. He said the protestors who were armed had managed to escape.
Posted By: mariam   December 16th 2003, 2003 6:43 PM

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