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Welcome to Kabul:Reconstructions. You can follow the information below, which has been gathered from a number of sources by a number of participants (click on the names at left for bios), to reconstruct your own picture of events in Kabul since this site was launched on March 8th, 2003 and, in a sense, since the reconstruction of Afghanistan began somewhere in the winter of 2001-02.

Some of this information has been provided in response to specific questions submitted by visitors like you. Please note that this section of the project is now maintained as an archive and has not been updated since 2005. Click here to ASK A QUESTION.

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Voter registration begins (BBC, ABC Radio)
Afghan voter registration drive Monday, December 1st, 2003 BBC - Voter registration centres have opened across Afghanistan as the country prepares for its first democratic national elections in nearly 40 years. The United Nations, which is running the process, estimates over 10 million people will be eligible to vote in the poll, which is due to be held in June. Many analysts believe the poll is critical to restore confidence in the political process. Security has been tight at the registration sites across the country. Voter registration in Afghanistan is a Herculean task. Mountains divide the country, and there are deserts in the south. The United Nations plans to use mobile registration units, planes and even donkeys to reach the whole population. But the desperate security situation in much of the south and south-east of Afghanistan has made large swathes of country off-limits to the international community. Elders queue for cards In recent months Taleban militants have targeted the UN. Despite security fears, registration did begin on Monday in Jalalabad -- a predominantly Pashtun city in eastern Afghanistan. Just one centre opened instead of the six planned. The tribal elders from across the province queued for their electoral cards. The United Nations hopes that the community leaders will return to their villages and encourage others to take part. Within six months over 10 million people will have to be processed in a country still not at peace. The chief electoral officer says his team can complete the task if, and only if, security is improved immediately. The international community views free and fair elections as a critical component of the new Afghanistan. If Afghans are to enjoy democracy the outside world will have to create the conditions in which it can flourish.

Afghan President Karzai says free elections are only a matter of time 12/4/2003 (ABC Radio Australia) :: The American Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has visited northern Afghanistan, to underline Washington's continuing support for the leadership of interim President Hamid Karzai. During Secretary Rumsfeld's brief visit, Mr Karzai said what remained of the Taliban would not disrupt Afghanistan's path to democratic elections. The comments came just hours after an Afghan UN worker was shot dead and 11 others injured in an ambush by suspected members of the ousted Taliban regime. President Karzai said however, that free elections in Afghanistan were now only a matter of time. "As I'm speaking to you today, we have launched voter registration in Afghanistan. We will try our best to provide the country the best means of security. The Taliban, terrorism (sic) whoever they are, will not be able to disrupt the process."
Posted By: mariam   December 16th 2003, 2003 7:12 PM

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