the market at Microrayan

Interviews, Microrayan Market

Time: Election Day+1, 5 pm

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Transcript of Dari dialogue in video:
[A young man is being interviewed on the street by the artist via an interpreter.]
Q: Did you register your name and vote in the election?
A: Yes, I already had my registration card and cast my vote.
Q: How do you feel about the election results?
A: These elections were very good, and I am happy with them. I didn't see any fraud. However, there were some candidates who for the sake of their vested interests tried to sabotage the election.
Q: Did you choose your candidate before during or after the campaign?
A: Before the campaign.
Q: This means the campaign did not have any impact on your choice?
A: Yes, but it did have a lot of impact on other people.
Q: What was the reason you voted for your candidate?
A: He has enough experience and higher education, is well-regarded by the people and deserved the vote.
Q: Will the outcome of this election have an impact on your personal life?
A: Yes.
Q: What kind of impact?
A: Not only on my life, but on the lives of many Afghan young people, for example education, democracy, etc.
Q: What was the participation level of the people in this district in the elections?
A: Yes, the people came to vote in large numbers and with a lot of enthusiasm in the Microrayan area.

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