Welcome to the Kabul: Selections poll. You can tell us a bit about how you view elections here.
But first you have to prove that you're human, by telling us what 21 + 4 equals:
1. Do you vote?
always usually never in local, but not federal elections in federal, but not local elections
2. If you vote, why do you vote?
voting voices the will of the people elections can change the balance of power
voters can hold elected officials accountable for their actions in office habit
3. How do you choose which candidates to support?
record of service political affiliations ethical or moral stance
comparative assessment of many factors lesser of two (or more) evils
4. In your opinion, which of the following is a more important indicator of a healthy democracy?
guaranteed equal access to the vote fair, transparent, credible and accurate elections
freedom of political speech for candidates, press and public
accountability of elected officials to the electorate
5. What do you mean when you say "democracy"?
a society under the rule of law, not the rule of the gun
a society organized according to principles of individual rights and responsibilities
a society where the state is transparent and accountable to its citizens
a state where power is balanced between different branches of government
a state whose officials are elected by its citizens in free, secret and direct elections