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Tracing the Index Roundtable #2: Impossible Archives

Discussion with Orit + Tal Halpern, Leslie Hewitt, Ramzi Kassem, Althea Wasow and Martha Wilson, moderated by Chitra Ganesh + Mariam Ghani
Kevorkian Center, NYU, 3/3/08
Both the audio and video files have been separated into two parts. The first part is mainly introductions and presentations by participants, with some discussion; the second part is discussion and audience Q+A. Due to technical glitches during filming, there are some audio dropouts in the second part of the recording, with the result that the audio is not in sync with the video.
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play audio part 1 (mp3, 50 MB, 55 min)

play audio part 2 (mp3, 29 MB, 32 min)

play video part 1 (QuickTime [iPod video], 108 MB, 55 min)

play video part 2 (QuickTime [iPod video], 77 MB, 32 min)

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